miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2012

Visit Lizzie From C&C!

Today I will Blog about:

Lizzie Bryson from Cotton and Curls she is just amazing!
And she's having a GIVEAWAY .. YEY!

I Love her Blog and Style ..
She either refashions a previously existing clothing piece or
makes one out of almost anything .. 
Just Lovely
Take a look! 

She turned this Romper into a Top .. Adorable right?

Here she Fitted this cute Floral Bottoms and ..
Took the dress in! I LOVE DRESSES!

This is absolutely cute .. Plain white tee turned into ..
A very Girly Floral Back Top! Ahhh Motherhood!!!

And this is my ABSOLUTE favorite Refashion .. FOR NOW!
She made a Red Peplum Top for herself and a Baby ..

She made a Tini Tiny Peplum Topsy with a Twist - No sleeves and added vintage collar,
for a Friends Baby as a Baby Shower Handmade Gift!

Go visit her amazing Blog .. (here)
Maybe after reading it you'll have the same urge to learn to sow as me!

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