jueves, 4 de octubre de 2012

All things Halloween ..

With Halloween around the corner (Because seriously times Flies!) I decided I would dedicate one last (well Maybe not last last!) post on clever BOO Ideas that might come in handy for this fun fun Holiday coming up!

Take a look at this Fabulous makeup you can use if you're dressing up as a SPOOKY BUT CUTE Green witch!

3 Easy Steps:

1. Fill WHOLE top eye lid with Green (or color of your choice) aye shadow
2. With a green (or color of your choice) eyeliner contour the bottom of your eye (Should match your eye shadow)
3. Last but not least use regular eyeliner or liquid eye liner to draw in you super FASHION wicked eye!

These are some awesome crafts, decorations and TREATS (YUM!) I found browsing through Pinterest .. (How adorable is that carved Pumpkin for Baby's 1st Halloween?)

Today I found this amazing post on iheartnaptime by the wonderful Jamielyn! Gotta LOVE  a mommy Blogger who uses her toddlers (To quote her: "two beautiful children just under two years apart") Naptime for Crafting and Planning!
55+ of the BEST Halloween crafts! Click here for Link!

These are some Ideas I plan on using when decorating our Classroom .. 
I know my Little Castle Kiddos will LOVE THIS!

So let me give you a heads up on what will go on during our weekend!

Halloween celebrations begin tomorrow!
Our cousin Karla is turning 26! And were having a PJ Costume party! (Contest included!)
Hope me and Javi win! But if we don't our PJ's are still super FUNNY! Will post about this (PICTURES INCLUDED - Laugh guaranteed!!) in a couple of days since its a weekend long Sleepover! WOW!


And Even though I'm not BIG on anything involving politics I do have to add a very IMPORTANT event happening on Sunday .. Venezuela is having Presidential elections! Which is HUGE! Yikes! But I know God like always has everything under control! Hopefully on Monday everything goes smoothly and everyone wakes up with PEACE and comfort in their hearts! (Keep us in your prayers!)

Hope everyone has an amazing and FUN weekend!

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