domingo, 21 de octubre de 2012

My Trip to NYC!

Quick overview of my trip to NYC this was AWESOME!
What is there not to love about New York City? Absolutely nothing. Cold, windy, hot the next day, it doesn't matter, I love it all.

I was there from October 13th until the those short days we did a lot and walked even more, nonstop.

We bought tickets for a hop on hop off bus tour it's called Sightseeing NYC. We also did that last year when we went with my husband around Christmas time and it was great. The bus has several stops and you can get off and then catch another bus at another stop if you'd like so I think it's very nice since it saves you time and money.

We went to Times Square in the morning and then again at's completely different when it's dark. A MUST SEE.

We also went to Central Park, Top of the Rock in Rockefeller Center, the NBC Store, Strawberry Fields, Statue of Liberty, M&M World, Hershey's Store, Toys R Us, F.AO. Shwartz, 911 Memorial, Grand Central Station, rode in a metro, subway, and taxi...we did lots of stuff!
(Top of the Rock)

(Central Park)

(Central Park)

(Statue of Liberty)

(Top of the Rock)
(Times Square at night)

(Liberty Tower)

(Top of the Rock)
I LOVE NYC! Hope to be there again next year :)

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