viernes, 5 de octubre de 2012

Dearest Thrills ♥

So .. Last night when I posted on ALL THINGS HALLOWEEN, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to post anything else and that, that would be my one and only post for this weekend since it’s going to be packed! But today during my Morning Bloggy Browsing Time I stumbled upon two of the most FUN and STYLISH mommy blogs ever! Brought to you by Sarah (Frills for Thrills) and Cecilia (Dearest Lou)! They are so awesome and happen to be pregnant! 

Here are some cute Outfits they put together:
(Sarah on the Left and Cecilia on the right)

Sporting Coral Bottoms super Trendy!

 Denim on Top .. gotta Heart it!

Bold printed Dresses (LOOOVE 'EM!)

All Black and White .. Super cute and Simple

I highly recommend checking out these two fantastic Blogs! I only wish that once I’m pregnant I am well enough to carry a Belly with half the Style that they do God Bless these soon to arrive Babies and their amazing mommies!

Links to the Blogs

Hope you enjoy this .. Y ahora si!!! Happy Weekend!

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