miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2013

Weekly Bump Update: 14th week

Estimated Arrival .. August 2013!

This has been and eventful week .. Mommy had pain on her lower Belly on Monday and had to go to the Doctor .. But everything is OK .. nothing big! Besides that I'm excited to say that this week I'll be online shopping for some of your Baby Nursery Essentials! You may be thinking .. How if you don't know the gender yet? .. I'm buying the neutral pieces and later on I'll go shopping (Or grandma D' will go shopping) for those extra pieces that will show and truly reveal your gender inside your nursery! So here's a ittle update on Baby's development this week ..

¿Baby Size? I was excited to have done a different Chalk Board this week (Changing it from fruit baby to anything fun that pops through my head!) .. But since I changed it I have to say that by this week Baby G' is about the size of a Nectarine. Baby measures about 3.5 to 4 inches (8.9 to 10.2 cm) long. At this point he or she weights about 1 whole ounce (28.4 grams)

What I researched lately: I've read that during this week , the hormonal changes to my body are becoming more apparent .. have to dig a little deeper and find out what's between the lines there!

Fun Baby facts for week #14: 
  • He or she has developed soft nails on it's nails and toes (How cute .. Tiny things)
  • Baby's blood its also starting to form in its Bone Marrow and Blood vessels (Mommy's and Daddy's DNA gotta be somewhere in there)
  • As the eyes and ears continue to move into place, the mouth has gone through mayor development .. the sucking muscles are growing and the salivary glands are almost fully developed. (Hopefully you don't suck your thumb or are attached to a pacifier, mommy is still using braces .. NOT NICE!)

Symptoms: Besides the little incident I had on Monday this week has been A-Ok .. I might be having a little more nausea than usual .. but nothing I can't deal with! Usually I con control it with anything citrus or cold! I've even started to eat MELON .. which is weird since I've never liked it!

Next Doctors Appointment: Still set for Monday March, 4th, 2013

Next Ultrasound Appointment: As well as my US .. YEY for March, 4th, 2013! By the way the day after is our wedding anniversary! Can't believe it's almost been two years already! And that Baby G' is on its way!

Important events or Situations this past week: Oscar's were on Sunday, February 24th, 2013 .. Mommy nailed 16 out of 20 categories. I entered a contest at the place where Daddy buys movies! Have I ever mentioned Daddy loves movies and has gotten mommy hooked on them too! He has over 6000! YEAH! We are huge MOVIE-HOLICS! I bet we will get you hooked too!

I really don't know how I get myself into this? .. But Auntie Angelica sure pushes it .. So here it is another not really thought or planned Belly Picture!

Can't believe its almost Thursday .. Time is passing by so quickly!
FINE BY ME! Since I can't wait to meet you my sweet little Nectarine!

Have a good day/night everyone! And to quote Ellen D .. 
"Be kind to one another"

domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

February is almost over ..

As I mentioned in previous posts I had really bad back pain and had to get treated for it .. So this made me get a little behind on my Posts .. But here is a Good update on what went on during the month of LOVE!

February, 3rd, 2013 "Our (LEGAL) Anniversary"
A little Throwback of our Bachelor & Bachelorette Bash

February 8th, 2013 " Both Grandfathers Birthdays: Carlos' & Teo"
(Pictures ahead on Party dates)

February, 11th, 2013 "Abuelo Teo's Birthday BBQ"
Had a mini shoot with as many Loved ones as I could including Abuelo Teo
(All with my Samsung S2)

February, 13th, 2013 "Valentines Wreath crafts"
Made by some of our awesome Teachers at "Castillito"

February, 14th, 2013 "Valentines Day"
So many things occurred .. But I'll break it Down!

Loved Filled Photoshoot for Daddy
Happy Valentine's day Daddy to Be! I Love you ..
WE love you!

Yoanka's Pregnancy Announcement
A dear friend .. A Childhood friend .. A true sister is Pregnant too! And wanted to make her big Announcement on Valentine's day! I gave her a little hand with the announcement Design! (She's only 3 weeks less than me) So exciting to share this with someone so close to my heart! Love ya gal! Congratulations! YEY!

Dinner Date ALL MADE bye my Husband
It was Javi's turn this year to make Valentine's day Dinner! Since I hate going out on that day because everything is packed and since I've been Pregnant I've been nesting .. I asked for it to be at Home! He's so cute! I LOVE YOU HUSBAND!

February, 15th, 2013 "Abuelo Carlos' Birthday Party"
Aguilas Themed .. Super nice! Had fun .. But fell asleep on a couch! Pregnancy Mode! ON

February, 16th, 2013 "Lolo's Birthday"
Good friend of us got a surprise Birthday Party! He's real name is Cesar!

February, 20th, 2013 "Javi's Birthday Taco Fiesta"
HaD a Blast and we had so much food brought by the whole family.. I just couldn't eat! Got a little nauseous! .. Anyways we had so much Fun taking pictures with Mustaches!

Consider yourself Updated!
Oh! Happy Day!

viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013

Weekly Bump Update : 13th week

 First week of our 2nd Trimester!

Besides evidently entering the second Trimester! I've been truly excited about my next Ultrasounds because from this point on I've been told baby's gender could be revealed at any "Picture session"! It might be between weeks 15 and 19! So once we have Baby's gender results were throwing a "Gender Reveal Bash" .. Gathering might be sooner than we think!

¿Baby Size? 13th week and my sweet Baby G' is the size of a Tangerine. One of my Favorite fruits!!! He or She stands between 2.7 to 3 inches or 6.5 - 7.6 cm long. Baby weight is at about 0.5 to 0.8 ounces (or 14.2 to 21.3 g)

What I researched latelyAt week 13 Baby is developing Significantly as well as growing .. about an inch per week. One thing that is apparent is the slowdown in the growth of Baby Gs' head as its body catches up. Baby's face is also starting to look more human rather than Alien-ish - It's eyes are moving closer together while ears move to their normal position! 

Fun Baby facts for week #13
  • Baby is practicing swallowing as it continues to take in amniotic fluids
  • She or He might have a thumb or toe in her or his mouth, practicing for nursing (Good for mommys who expect to do so) but its sucking muscles are not fully developed yet
  • All 20 teeth have also formed hidden under the gums
  • Baby can also smile (How cute!)

Symptoms: This week began with severe back aches but they slowly faded away and I've been doing much Better. I've had less nausea but if I cook its really hard to eat afterwards because just smelling and touching food makes me Iffy .. So If I make a good meal for Javi by the end of my cooking session I'd have to eat something totally different .. Seriously NOT REMOTELY close or related!

Next Doctors Appointment: This week I had to go to my Doctors office on Monday (February, 18th, 2013) .. Nothing serious just had Bad back pain and had to go in for a quick Check up! My real appointment was scheduled for February, 25th, 2013 but since I went in it got Re-scheduled for March, 4th, 2013

Next Ultrasound Appointment: Got re-scheduled as well for either March, 3rd or 4th, 2013

Important events or Situations this past week: Daddy Turned 27 this week (Wednesday, February, 20th, 2013) We had a nice "Taco Night Fiesta for him" super fun pictures will be shown in the February events update post! We even crafted a little picture as a gift for Daddy's cake Topper!

Pictures this week were also Taken by Auntie Angelica and I'm sure she'll be taking them for EVERY WEEK! She's a great support system and help! She is my cousin but more like a sister to me and I know she's as excited for this baby as I am! She'll kill me once she reads this but I have to TELL! Have to .. when I showed her our 2nd Ultrasound mini video she cried a little! Sweet little Teary auntie! So happy to have her!

This week she encouraged me to take a bare bump picture (Bottom) And this is as far as I could go. I'm told for being at 13 weeks my belly is big but I feel like its still in its awkward stage! lol .. That's why I don't show a lot .. YET! I know once it's in full throttle the Bump will be shown!

Hope you enjoy this little update ..
Other February update Posts coming soon!

TGIF! Enjoy your weekend everybody!

lunes, 18 de febrero de 2013

Weekly Bump Update : 12th week

Bye Bye First Trimester! Hello 2nd!

So Exciting to be 1/3 of the way ahead! For A while I had been thinking and Planning on doing the Cute Chalk Board Bump Tracking Picture each week .. So here goes nothing! First "WEEKLY BUMP UPDATE" starting of with week #12 (I'm actually almost into the 13th but didn't want to wait any longer) So excited to be using my custom made Chalkboard!!

¿Baby Size? 12th week Baby G' is the size of a Lime or Lemon (Between 2.5 to 2.8 inches or 6.4 - 7 cm long) At this point Baby is at about 0.3 to 0.5 ounces (or 8.5 to 14.2 g)

What I researched lately: At week 12 baby is fully formed. Though its brain and organs will continue to grow and develop, it has all the necessary pieces. However, it wouldn't be able to survive out of the womb yet! To early to come out my little Lime!

Fun Baby facts for week #12
  • Baby's vocal cords have begun to form
  • Fingers and Toes have separated
  • Hair and Nails are starting to appear
  • The external genitalia have also developed (So from this week on baby might be showing signs of either the male or female Sex) How exciting! Can't wait to find out! (Gender Reveal party Happening soon)
Symptoms: This week has been all about my Backaches .. It got rough this week so I had to call my Doctor and ask him for Instructions! He's such a good Doctor! Thank God he's friends of the Family because I tend to be a little annoying (I just care to much about everything! You can never be TO CAREFUL)

Next Doctors Appointment: February, 25th, 2013

Next Ultrasound Appointment  February, 25th, 2013

Important events or Situations this past week: We had a mini Valentine's day shoot for Daddy which I will posting sometime in the next few days! And both Great-grandfathers celebrated Birthdays! AMAZING AND BLESSED to have them all!

So I might post tomorrow or the day after that my 13 weeks: WEEKLY BUMP UPDATE! The pictures for the 12th week were taken several days ago by Auntie Angelica, but due to my back pain I avoided the Computer and wasn't able to upload or update anything 'til today! Hope I can keep up with this throughout the BUMP growing and growing! 

On one last piece of News Javi's Birthday is in 2 days! Planning a little Mexican Taco night! Cake and cupcakes got ordered today!

Happy Monday have an awesome week!
Hope you like the New Blog design!

miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2013

10 - 11 weeks Pregnancy - Update!

Hello Everybody! So Glad to actually be able to get up off my Lazyness and write an Entry! This Two weeks (Week 10 & Week 11) have been amazing, but First things First, here's a list of some events and Important Things that occurred since January 23rd  which is the Date of the last post I wrote (Excuse the Instagram only pictures): 

January, 24th, 2013
My Birthday .. Went to Lunch with My Family & Later that evening sliced a Cake at my grandparents House! By the way .. I Fell asleep on the Couch during my own Birthday Gathering! Mommy mode: ON! (FOR SURE) Also on this day I was supposed to go to my 2nd Doctor's appointment & to get my 2nd Ultrasound done .. But I rescheduled!

Funny Faces with my Little Sister during lunch! She's the cutest!

And some Funny Texting went on between me and my AWESOME husband that morning!
I Love you Javi ♥ Watagatapitusberry!

Note: I took the opportunity .. and for my Birthday asked my close Family members that If they were getting me presents to get in Touch with my mom .. Everyone got me HOME THINGS for the Renovation! Baby Remodeling starting very Soon! Way to go MOM!

January, 28th, 2013
This is the actual date my Second Doctor's appointment and US occurred! It was even more exciting and Emotional than the First Time .. I cried and Daddy was so proud to see How much Baby G had grown that he took a Video with my phone .. Hopefully I'm able to Upload it! Baby's so Big the Doctor double checked how far I'm along during the US appointment!

Baby you are Growing Growing Growing so very quickly!

January, 29th, 2013
This is your actual Weekly-Birthday .. The day you turned 11 weeks in Mommy's Tummy! We are so excited and can't wait to meet you! I've been hooked on so many apps lately .. For Baby Tracking! One app that day told me you were the size of a Kumquat .. Had to google it! lol

January, 31st, 2013
Wedding-ish Throwback-Thursday

A couple of days after our Big day I came out in a Wedding magazine thanks to my Photographer!

February, 1st, 2013
First day of February! So excited for all the Fun activities I will bee doing this month in School! Cancer Awareness on the 4th! Water day on the 5th! Carnaval Party (Venezuela's Mardi gras I guess) on the 8th .. Valentine's Day Bash and Photo-shoot between the 14th and 15th and Last but not least from the 18th to the 22nd we'll be celebrating "La Semana Bolivariana" which is pretty much a week on "EVERYTHING VENEZUELA INVOLVED"

SUPERBOWL SUNDAY - February, 3rd, 2013
Attempted to make Chocolate Caramel Oreo Truffles found this on someones Blog or Pinterest .. Just hope I could remember who!


Ingredients (approx. a dozen to 15 Truffles)
  • 1 package of Oreos
  • 1 8 oz. package of cream cheese
  • 8 oz. semisweet chocolate {I used Betty Crocker's "Rich & Creamy"}
  • 8 oz. Caramel
  1. Bring the cream cheese to room temperature.
  2. Break up the Oreos and put them in a food processor. Process until they are a powder.
  3. Mix the cream cheese and Oreos together. I always use my hands because it’s the best way to get the mixture combined, though it is rather messy.
  4. Roll the mixture into balls. Place on a cookie sheet and put in the freezer for 15-20 minutes so they can solidify.
  5. Next melt the chocolate and Pour it slowly over the Truffles
  6. After that, Melt the Caramel and use a Spoon to unevenly spread little lines over the Chocolate Truffles
  7. Refrigerate until serving, at least one hour.
  8. Enjoy!

February, 5th, 2013
We got married according to the "LAW" (lol)!! This is the day me and Javi got married two years ago .. So it was our "Anniversary" .. We don't really celebrate this date, we celebrate March 5th which was our WEDDING WEDDING DATE .. Mmm .. But I did remember it that day at some point so me and Javi had a "Dinner date at Home" which I'm totally in Love with ever since I got pregnant .. Again Mommy Mode: ON!

10th and 11th week update

This two weeks have been filled with exciting News! Our 2nd Doctors appointment happened and we are super healthy and BIG!

¿Baby Size? - 10th week you were the size of a Kumquat & 11th week you are the size of a Fig (Had to Google both) lol .. This is according to the "I'm Expecting" app on my phone!

Daddy's thoughts lately: He is beyond excited. He has been watching over and over again the Baby video he took at our Ultrasound appointment. He loves you so much! We both do! I designed three pieces of Furniture which your Grandpa will make: A closet, crib and some Shelving to surround a window!

And YES, this is one of the pages of the Baby Notebook! 17 pages 'til now!

Some pictures I took this past two weeks:

3 Sisters In law + 3 Baby nephews (1 missing, he was sleeping I think)
The point is that they each have either one baby or two .. Only one missing WAS me!
Love the WAS factor! (By the way this was on Feb 2nd, 2013 "Pool day")

11 weeks down - 29 to Go! lol ( : This was TODAY! (Feb 6th, 2013)

It was a Knit Sweater & Floral Pants Kind of Day (Feb 6th, 2013)

Besides all of this Information I have to say I've grown to be a huge FAN of Fun Lunch and meal making for Kids! I don't really remember how I stumbles upon this, but I did! I Will be writing about it soon! OBSESSION ALERT! Warning: The term "Bento" will be used! But First I have to find out what that is .. New terms!! If you have any help or info on this make sure to stop by my Facebook and explain! PLEASE!

On another subject I have some super cute hand-made presents and Decorations planned for Valentine's day! Exciting things to come! Hope I can keep up with ALL that I've planned .. Expecting a lot from my Lazy and Sleepy-self! I REPEAT THE MOMMY MODE IS ON!

P.S: I will be trying to change the way our Blog looks soon .. or Sometime!