domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

February is almost over ..

As I mentioned in previous posts I had really bad back pain and had to get treated for it .. So this made me get a little behind on my Posts .. But here is a Good update on what went on during the month of LOVE!

February, 3rd, 2013 "Our (LEGAL) Anniversary"
A little Throwback of our Bachelor & Bachelorette Bash

February 8th, 2013 " Both Grandfathers Birthdays: Carlos' & Teo"
(Pictures ahead on Party dates)

February, 11th, 2013 "Abuelo Teo's Birthday BBQ"
Had a mini shoot with as many Loved ones as I could including Abuelo Teo
(All with my Samsung S2)

February, 13th, 2013 "Valentines Wreath crafts"
Made by some of our awesome Teachers at "Castillito"

February, 14th, 2013 "Valentines Day"
So many things occurred .. But I'll break it Down!

Loved Filled Photoshoot for Daddy
Happy Valentine's day Daddy to Be! I Love you ..
WE love you!

Yoanka's Pregnancy Announcement
A dear friend .. A Childhood friend .. A true sister is Pregnant too! And wanted to make her big Announcement on Valentine's day! I gave her a little hand with the announcement Design! (She's only 3 weeks less than me) So exciting to share this with someone so close to my heart! Love ya gal! Congratulations! YEY!

Dinner Date ALL MADE bye my Husband
It was Javi's turn this year to make Valentine's day Dinner! Since I hate going out on that day because everything is packed and since I've been Pregnant I've been nesting .. I asked for it to be at Home! He's so cute! I LOVE YOU HUSBAND!

February, 15th, 2013 "Abuelo Carlos' Birthday Party"
Aguilas Themed .. Super nice! Had fun .. But fell asleep on a couch! Pregnancy Mode! ON

February, 16th, 2013 "Lolo's Birthday"
Good friend of us got a surprise Birthday Party! He's real name is Cesar!

February, 20th, 2013 "Javi's Birthday Taco Fiesta"
HaD a Blast and we had so much food brought by the whole family.. I just couldn't eat! Got a little nauseous! .. Anyways we had so much Fun taking pictures with Mustaches!

Consider yourself Updated!
Oh! Happy Day!

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