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Weekly Bump Update : 12th week

Bye Bye First Trimester! Hello 2nd!

So Exciting to be 1/3 of the way ahead! For A while I had been thinking and Planning on doing the Cute Chalk Board Bump Tracking Picture each week .. So here goes nothing! First "WEEKLY BUMP UPDATE" starting of with week #12 (I'm actually almost into the 13th but didn't want to wait any longer) So excited to be using my custom made Chalkboard!!

¿Baby Size? 12th week Baby G' is the size of a Lime or Lemon (Between 2.5 to 2.8 inches or 6.4 - 7 cm long) At this point Baby is at about 0.3 to 0.5 ounces (or 8.5 to 14.2 g)

What I researched lately: At week 12 baby is fully formed. Though its brain and organs will continue to grow and develop, it has all the necessary pieces. However, it wouldn't be able to survive out of the womb yet! To early to come out my little Lime!

Fun Baby facts for week #12
  • Baby's vocal cords have begun to form
  • Fingers and Toes have separated
  • Hair and Nails are starting to appear
  • The external genitalia have also developed (So from this week on baby might be showing signs of either the male or female Sex) How exciting! Can't wait to find out! (Gender Reveal party Happening soon)
Symptoms: This week has been all about my Backaches .. It got rough this week so I had to call my Doctor and ask him for Instructions! He's such a good Doctor! Thank God he's friends of the Family because I tend to be a little annoying (I just care to much about everything! You can never be TO CAREFUL)

Next Doctors Appointment: February, 25th, 2013

Next Ultrasound Appointment  February, 25th, 2013

Important events or Situations this past week: We had a mini Valentine's day shoot for Daddy which I will posting sometime in the next few days! And both Great-grandfathers celebrated Birthdays! AMAZING AND BLESSED to have them all!

So I might post tomorrow or the day after that my 13 weeks: WEEKLY BUMP UPDATE! The pictures for the 12th week were taken several days ago by Auntie Angelica, but due to my back pain I avoided the Computer and wasn't able to upload or update anything 'til today! Hope I can keep up with this throughout the BUMP growing and growing! 

On one last piece of News Javi's Birthday is in 2 days! Planning a little Mexican Taco night! Cake and cupcakes got ordered today!

Happy Monday have an awesome week!
Hope you like the New Blog design!

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