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Weekly Bump Update : 13th week

 First week of our 2nd Trimester!

Besides evidently entering the second Trimester! I've been truly excited about my next Ultrasounds because from this point on I've been told baby's gender could be revealed at any "Picture session"! It might be between weeks 15 and 19! So once we have Baby's gender results were throwing a "Gender Reveal Bash" .. Gathering might be sooner than we think!

¿Baby Size? 13th week and my sweet Baby G' is the size of a Tangerine. One of my Favorite fruits!!! He or She stands between 2.7 to 3 inches or 6.5 - 7.6 cm long. Baby weight is at about 0.5 to 0.8 ounces (or 14.2 to 21.3 g)

What I researched latelyAt week 13 Baby is developing Significantly as well as growing .. about an inch per week. One thing that is apparent is the slowdown in the growth of Baby Gs' head as its body catches up. Baby's face is also starting to look more human rather than Alien-ish - It's eyes are moving closer together while ears move to their normal position! 

Fun Baby facts for week #13
  • Baby is practicing swallowing as it continues to take in amniotic fluids
  • She or He might have a thumb or toe in her or his mouth, practicing for nursing (Good for mommys who expect to do so) but its sucking muscles are not fully developed yet
  • All 20 teeth have also formed hidden under the gums
  • Baby can also smile (How cute!)

Symptoms: This week began with severe back aches but they slowly faded away and I've been doing much Better. I've had less nausea but if I cook its really hard to eat afterwards because just smelling and touching food makes me Iffy .. So If I make a good meal for Javi by the end of my cooking session I'd have to eat something totally different .. Seriously NOT REMOTELY close or related!

Next Doctors Appointment: This week I had to go to my Doctors office on Monday (February, 18th, 2013) .. Nothing serious just had Bad back pain and had to go in for a quick Check up! My real appointment was scheduled for February, 25th, 2013 but since I went in it got Re-scheduled for March, 4th, 2013

Next Ultrasound Appointment: Got re-scheduled as well for either March, 3rd or 4th, 2013

Important events or Situations this past week: Daddy Turned 27 this week (Wednesday, February, 20th, 2013) We had a nice "Taco Night Fiesta for him" super fun pictures will be shown in the February events update post! We even crafted a little picture as a gift for Daddy's cake Topper!

Pictures this week were also Taken by Auntie Angelica and I'm sure she'll be taking them for EVERY WEEK! She's a great support system and help! She is my cousin but more like a sister to me and I know she's as excited for this baby as I am! She'll kill me once she reads this but I have to TELL! Have to .. when I showed her our 2nd Ultrasound mini video she cried a little! Sweet little Teary auntie! So happy to have her!

This week she encouraged me to take a bare bump picture (Bottom) And this is as far as I could go. I'm told for being at 13 weeks my belly is big but I feel like its still in its awkward stage! lol .. That's why I don't show a lot .. YET! I know once it's in full throttle the Bump will be shown!

Hope you enjoy this little update ..
Other February update Posts coming soon!

TGIF! Enjoy your weekend everybody!

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