jueves, 11 de octubre de 2012

Fall in NYC

Okay, so I'm going to New York on Saturday! Yay! I'm so excited about it. It's just for a few days but who can pass up a trip to the big apple?

Here in Miami we don't have all four seasons...we have summer and more summer year round. I'm very excited about spending a few days of Fall in NYC. I hope to see leaves falling, leaves in different colors other than bright green, and feel the breeze and chilly climate.

This is what I hope to see in a very few days:

So pretty! I'm all packed up and ready to go!

2 comentarios:

  1. Looks absolutely GORGEOUS! I would love to go to NYC during the fall time. I live in Europe right now and we have the season too, everything is sooo beautiful. But originally I'm from California and sometimes I think I'd trade fall for the warmth ;)

  2. It was beautiful! It didn't look like what I expected it probably will in a few more weeks. Nonetheless it was very pretty :) I'm sure all seasons look great in Europe! - Luciana.