martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

Bye Bye Halloween!

Halloween is Officially not Over but ..
This is my LAST post on Halloween! It's been Fun!

Truly LOVED seeing how much fun my Husband had CARVING his Pumpkin .. Well, it wasn't really a PUMPKIN PUMPKIN it was an "Auyama" (close sister to the pumpkin) since it's practically IMPOSSIBLE to find a pumpkin here in Venezuela (or at least in Maracaibo). Loved our HALLOWEEN 2012 couple time!

This is how Our Home looks like right now and will probably look like until the weekend!

Note: My pumpkins are the Frankenstein and Dotted Ones .. Javi's Pumpkin is the Classic Jack-O-Lantern which he renamed "Jav-O-Lantern" .. An the Black one with Stars and Lightning was made by my cousin Angelica! Don't you LOOOOVE our wreath?

 Hope you have a wonderful and safe Trick or Treat tomorrow!
Happy Halloween!

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