domingo, 28 de octubre de 2012

Sweet News Bites (First Edition EVER!)

Hello Hello! Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

I often find myself updating you on my life so from now on we'll be using the Term: "Sweet News Bites" and whenever you see this little logo (Bottom) I'll be catching you up! Here's the First Edition! ENJOY!

Oct.4  Lili's Birthday! (My cousin)

Oct.9 - Luis' Birthday! Our Best man! (Javi's Best Friend)

Oct.19 - Santiago's 4th Birthday!
Our Adorable and very precious Nephew!

Note: I have to add that 3 years ago on his Birthday PARTY DAY
(October 24th 2009) was when:
Javi and I started dating!

Oct.23 - Grandma Nidia's Birthday! I just Love her! (Mom's side)

Oct.24 - Last week as I told you about in the previous Blog on Wednesday 24th we celebrated our anniversary (When Dating DONT GET CONFUSED) by getting all the Christmas decorations up and well my Husband Javi had been asking for these really cool Headphones he saw on the Guy from Guaco (Huge Band here en Venezuela) "Ronald" at the airport on July (I think).. They are "Beats" by Dr.Dre (Studio Style) you can find them here in AMAZON!

He looooooved them, Just take a look!

I have to Give Special thanks to my cousin Armando (Top Picture) .. He helped me buy the Headphones without Javi finding out! (1st Time I get to actually surprise him by the way .. He's so Sneaky!) and I just had to add this adorable Picture of me and Alejandro (Bottom Picture) He's just so adorable!

Oct. 25 - Daniela's and Jerry's Birthday! (Cousins from Javi's side) and ..
My super spooky HALLOWEEN NAILS! (got them done earlier that day)

Pumpkins and Spider webs

Future and Very Exciting Events

Nov.16 - I am a HUGE Twilight Fan and on November 16th is the premier of the Last Movie from Twilight's Saga "Breaking Dawn" Part II .. So for this day we're getting some super Fun Shirts done! A lot of Friends and Family are joining me and Javi (like 20 other family members!!) Here's my inspirational collage .. (Most likely to be changed but you get the idea)

SHHH! I plan to get in costume! Alice from the Saga on the way ..
Hair, makeup and everything!

And last but certainly not least ..


Travel Time! 

Heading to USA and Pto.Rico for almost 10 days!
Tickets in hand .. SO I'm pretty sure this is happening! WOOOHOOO!
Husband's First visit to the states! We're both super excited!

I get to visit Luciana .. Hopefully one day she can come visit me!! 

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