viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012

Christmas before Halloween? And an anniversary! Whaaat?

So yeah! As the Title of this post can maybe tell you:
Christmas has arrived at our Home! And yeah before Halloween ..
Funny!!! But I'll be sure to post something real soon on Halloween!
And Hopefully we get to celebrate Halloween as planned!

Anyhow .. This is how Operation "Christmas Decorating" happened:

1 Unpacked everything and OH! What a mess we made!

2 We put the tree together ..
Lights up ..
Decorations and Ornaments ..
Topper and ..

Voilá! DONE!

3 I also have to mention that we got a Gift from my mother-in-law Marianela ..
Like our brand new (And FIRST) nutcracker?

4 We added some Christmas-y touches in the Kitchen Area ..
Hopefully this week I get to put together our Front door wreath! 

And ..

5 Ended the night with some very Homemade "Subways" my Hubby cooked up!
Gotta LOVE (even more) a man who can cook!

NOTE: This was on Wednesday, October 24th!
Our 3rd anniversary since we started dating!!!!!!
Will discuss on the gifting that went on tomorrow ..

¡S&J  Oct. 24th '09! .. and Still strong!

and OH YEAH ..

I Plan on making one of these below for my husband ..
HE LOVES BOSTON REDSOX so I know he'll enjoy these!

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