domingo, 30 de junio de 2013

Mia's Room/Nursery Progress Report

Mia's Room/Nursery Progress Report

Mia's room had been painted for a while now! But last week we finally got to actually work on it with the help of Abuelito Rey & Abuelita Diaxne!

Crib is in ..
Drawer organizer is in .. and even 
the closet!

Curtains are up and Mia's Clothes are folded!
Still have plenty to do, but it was a really fruitful weekend, we got so much done!
Wall decal is up too!

I don't really have a theme in her room its just VERY PINK and full of cuteness!

Top: Picture #1 - As you can see the crib is officially IN the nursery Mmm .. no mattress yet, but soon! Picture #2 & #3 Mia's Drawer organizer is filled with cute clothes, socks, bows, it's all in there, but I still have plenty of things to Fix on top! Picture #4 - Inside of Baby Mia's crib - it's Filled with things that are going to be hanging on the walls, Baby Crib bedding set and Toys.

Bottom: Mia's Closet as you can see in the picture where the closet door is opened, all the Tiny Fabulous clothes are on hangers but the little hanging tubes are not in yet! Once again, it will be done soon!

Top: These is Mia's Drawer Organizer. Four Drawers are filled, no more space for now!

Bottom: Ever since I got our 3d/4d done I just can't stop staring at our Little Cutie, Javi and I can't have a Bad day when waking up to this on our Fridge door! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH MIA ISABELLE!

Now that I'm on the 3d/4d ultrasound subject here is a Tiny collage of Mia's and Fabi's (Yoanka's healthy Baby boy, she's a childhood friend who I adore and someone I have been glad to be sharing this experience with!!)

Mia is currently 31 weeks and 5 days and Fabian is 29 weeks and 5 days!
Were hopelessly in LOVE with these two!

Hope to meet them soon, but I really have to finish the nursery first!
Things are coming together!! I feel humongous-ly BLESSED & so does Javi!

Hope everyone continues to enjoy their weekend!

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  1. Okay, this is a really cute nursery. I don't know why but putting a crib in the room somehow makes it all more exciting.