miércoles, 12 de junio de 2013

Mia's Closet of Holiday Outfits Ideas

So YES .. I did what you think I did! I got Mia and outfit for every Holiday! Christmas .. Halloween, Valentines just everything! I do not want to spoil the fun or even give you an idea of what my Princess will be wearing for each Holiday but here are some Fun Ideas for your Little girl or stud to try:


St. Patricks:

Valentine's Day:



Sports Season:



I Hope this give you an idea and encourage you to try cute outfits for you Baby so in the future you have plenty embarrassing photos to Blackmail with! LOL (Just Kidding) Poor baby Mia! By the way I didn't add 4th of July because we live in Venezuela so we'll probably celebrate 5th of July (Venezuela's Independence day)

About 10 facebook friends shared this Huggies Video for Father's Day
Yes I cried! Wish Javi could feel Mia kicking!

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