martes, 4 de junio de 2013

Weekly Bump Update: 27th week

I'm actually 28 weeks as of Today, but I have 2 really cute Pictures I'd love to share of week 27 with Auntie Silvana! Plus I can't miss updating you on how Mia is doing this week!

Look at Tia's Face .. Can you Tell she's excited? (Above)
She really thought she wasn't in frame (Below)

¿Baby Size? 

  • Week 27: Baby weighs roughly 2 pounds (907 grams) and measures about 14.14 inches (36.6 cm) long from head to heel! This is according to the "I'm expecting app" on my phone! But she was actually 917 grams when we went to our last Doctors appointment which was almost a month ago! So she is above average at this point, way above! 

Baby Mia is about the size
of a Cauliflower!

What I researched lately: We are currently a little over 6 months which I can't even Believe! 28 weeks down, only 12 to go .. AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Freaking out here! Time flies! I remember when it was the other way around and I was only 12 weeks into the pregnancy! On the real subject Mia is a little Kicking Machine, she moves all the time. I read this week that her brain is currently functioning like a Newborn! Her senses have now started to develop in a way that she is now learning and retaining information, my little Princess can now hear and react to our our voices (I read she can even dance or move to Music as a reflex). I wonder what position she's in right now since the kicking feels all over the place, no consistence whatsoever! (Won't know 'til the 10th though)

Fun Baby & Bump facts for week #27: 
  • Her face is practically formed, her ayes, ears and lips are in place and she even has eyebrows and eyelashes at this point (Hopefully she gets daddy's long lashes, mines are tiny "Thank God for Mascara" lol)
  • Her lungs are now half way developed, and won't be complete 'til the 8th month!
  • She can feel pain now (Which is not "FUN")
  • Baby Mia should be able to react to light changes (We played with her and a Flashlight, we got quite the reaction)

Symptoms: I've had no Big signs of anything except for some back pain (when I do things around the house) I've even started to loose my appetite again which Javi doesn't like at all (He get's worried all the time, but I've been eating healthy ever since I learned I was pregnant)

Next Doctors Appointment: Is set for next week - Monday, June 10th

Next Ultrasound Appointment: as well as the Ultrasound .. Getting 4D by the way (WE CAN'T WAIT!)

Important events or Situations this past weeks: Grandma Diaxne and Grandpa Rey finally went on their trip to the U.S and got Baby Mia everything she needs! Daddy Javi and I made a list and budget for them so it would be easier for them to not miss anything! And now we have everything! Crib, Closet and Organizer are on their way, but might take a little longer than we though since it's a lot more work than we thought for Grandpa Fala! But we are thrilled and relieved that we are on track and still have time to get the things ready! God has been so kind to us .. I know Baby Mia is so healthy and he will allow me to be at peace before she comes!

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