lunes, 10 de junio de 2013

Nursery Ideas - Mia's Sweet Baby Room

So for a while I had been Planning Mia's Nursery Decoration and this is what Grandma Diaxne and I came up with .. 

I found most of these ideas on Pinterest you can Follow me as @asweetreport .. I pinned the ideas under the Board Titled: "Baby González".

Anyways .. 

I went online and did a Little Shopping on Amazon:

To find the item go to Amazon by clicking on the Price link! (Below)

  1. Closet maid Fabric Drawers - $13.96
  2. American Baby Zigzag Bumper - $40.99
  3. Self Adhesive Shelf Liner 2-pack (Chevron Graphite) - $11.99
  4. Gray Polka Dot Tote Bag - $39.99
  5. Gray Polka Dot Carry Bag - $47.99
  6. Zig Zag Toss Pillows (Set of Two) - $30.50
  7. Gray Dot Fitted Crib Sheet -$37.00
  8. Gray Dot Pillow - $30.77

Soon I'll post pictures on the plain and empty room .. Tiny I must add, but so filled with LOVE! And later on .. (once I'm done) I'll show you the Final Result of Mia's Nursery and where I placed every item listed above! Can't wait to have it all ready for her!

Waiting on .. 

The Crib ..
The Organizer ..
The Closet ..

'Til then .....................

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