lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2012

The Last 12 for 2012 ♥

Hello Everyone! Yes! I KNOW!!! I've been missing! But This was all Intentional I promise!!! I've been Piling up 12 Super Fun Posts for this Last day of the year! So Here's The 1st Post from the Last Twelve! And by the way Happy LAST DAY OF 2012!

With just a Few hours away from Beginning a Brand New year I will start this POST in a very Cliche way (But as Cliche as it might be I can't say Goodbye to 2012 any other way!) This has been an Amazing year! I feel so Blessed! I am Thankful for every single Big, Medium and even Small Blessing that God has given me this year (Even though I Know you can categorize Blessings) I am Thankful for EVERYTHING! For My amazing Husband who has been with me and has been supportive of every decision I've made throughout this year! 2012 brought so many Blessings to us as a Couple. We have grown to Love each other even MORE and that's adding the Fact that we Live together and he has to deal with my Cleaning Obsession! lol .. He has shown me that LOVE not only exists but Grows to be as strong as you want it to be by learning from the Good and the Bad! God gave me not only a Husband .. But a Soulmate  Best Friend, Partner in Crime, Lover and most of all he gave me someone to share every important step I take! I Love you Javi .. You will always own my Heart and yes .. My LOVE for you will change like it has everyday because everyday it will keep growing and growing!

I also have to be Thankful for my Family because they truly LOVE me .. unconditionally and because without that HUGE support system I don't know where I'd be! MOM .. You will always be my Best friend and model! I'm so Blessed to Have you not only as my mom but to upgrade you to be and amazing Grandmother someday! I LOVE YOU! And will always look up to you! DAD .. I am the BIGGEST DADDY'S GIRL in the world in denial .. You have not only given me everything I've ever wanted (Way passed the fact I got married over a year ago) but emotionally you've always been there to guide me and show me a better way to reach my Goals! You have always been supportive of my Crazy Ideas .. And I will always LOVE YOU for that and more! And last but not least SILVANA .. LITTLE SISTER: Ever since that amazingly HAPPY day that you were born I've been terribly in Love with you! Even though you haven't even lived a decade yet .. You've taught me so much! You are such a Sweet ad Humble little Girl and I LOVE YOU and will always BE GRATEFUL for your Life! You show me everyday with your silly-ness and random acts of kindness that you will grow up to be and amazing young woman! I am so so so so PROUD of you!

I'm also Thankful for so many other Family members .. For All my INLAWS .. Mother, Father, Sisters and Brothers! For my 4 adorable and loving Nephews! For my Grandmas and Grandpas .. For my Aunts and Uncles .. For my Cousins and for my Friends!!! Everyone in my LIFE I'd like to tell you something .. You being in my Life is not a coincidence .. Its God showing me that I can use more LOVING people like you in my Life! I will never have enough! In conclusion FAMILY is my Life and I'm HUMONGOUSLY THANKFUL for every single one of you!

I will also add How thankful and Happy I am to have someone to talk to about
such Fun things .. Thanks Luciana Resino! Because you've made my
year more Interesting and Crafty this year! Love ya' Bloggy Buddy!

Thank you Blog readers because you joined us this year when we started this Blog! Remember .. "The Journey is only beginning" .. 

Merry Christmas and Have a Happy and Love Filled New year!!!

One down .. Eleven more posts to GO!!!

P.S: Stay Tuned!!! Many more Posts to Come ..
Fashion, Crafts, Family Events and even fun Surprises!

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