lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2012

Our Last Trip in 2012: Miami!

So a Few weeks ago we actually went to Miami to do Some Christmas Shopping and of course to Visit our friends! Here are some of the Fun and Silly moments we had at the Sunshine State!

We departed from Maracaibo to Caracas ..

Then From Caracas to San Juan (Puerto Rico)

We spent a Day in Puerto Rico .. Fortunately for us the Flight from Caracas to Puerto Rico was delayed so we got Hotel and Dinner .. and Breakfast courtesy of AA! .. Then we Departed to Miami the next morning but right before Boarding we took pictures with Wisin (From Wisin and Yandel) who we bumped into!

Then we Finally Arrived to MIAMI! Where the Shopping started almost Immediately!

One morning we had Breakfast here ..

And after of LONG DAY of Shopping we were exhausted ..

But then at Night we went Cruisin' through Ocean Drive and stopped by The American Airlines Arena!

We had such a Fun Trip .. Enjoyed every minute!

2 Down .. 10 more to go!

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