martes, 4 de diciembre de 2012

My Trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica

So, Eduardo and I went to Jamaica on Thanksgiving Day and got back last Monday (Nov. 26). We stayed at the Sandals Resort in Montego Bay. The resort was huge and absolutely beautiful! I had never traveled to a tropical place - I usually opt for big cities - but I really loved it.

Unfortunately, most of the days were cloudy but we still got to enjoy the pool, beach, gardens, and water sports.  

We went kayaking twice, which was a lot of fun and we also rode some 'aqua bikes'.

We didn't coincide with the times for snorkeling and sailing but it's on our 'To Do' list for next time! There are a bunch of Sandals resorts in different islands, so we're looking forward to visiting other locations soon.

I would recommend the resort to anyone that is looking to spend a few relaxing days by the beach. The service is great and there are 15 restaurants to choose from! Not to mention there are bars all over the place, for those of you who like to drink.

I had so many different fruity juice drinks! They were so good! 

What I liked the most about our tip was our visit to Dunn's River Falls! We loved climbing the water fall. It was kind of dangerous but a lot of fun, and it was definitely a unique experience.

We had a great vacation and we're looking forward to visiting Jamaica again soon. Hopefully, the next time around we will have the chance to visit the island and get out of the resort more.

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