lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2012

Let's Instagram

Hello Hello! Yeah I've been a little Missing but now I might have more time to Blog since Christmas Vacations are in at our School! So many Exciting things happened this week Including the Christmas Party for "Castillito" and Isabella's Birthday Party! (Goldilocks in the last row with a Christmas hat Anabella's Sister fro previous Posts) And well this Instagram Post is Filled with Children! You know why? Because I Love my Family and Friends and my life is simply BABY AND TODDLER PACKED .. Between my little sister, my preschoolers (15 kiddos from school), 4 nephews and about 10 recently pregnant friends or new borns, plus my dolls Anabella and Isabella, they just make me feel Blessed and so THANKFUL! And yeah THANKSGIVING is over but I will never ever stop Being grateful for the amazing people (including and specially the Little ones) that I have around me! So Happy!!!!! One day I will get my own .. But 'til that day comes I'm going to enjoy the other little ones I have!! 

On another subject .. Our trip is Finally here ..

Tomorrow we head to Caracas on a very early Flight and then from there we Depart to Puerto Rico .. Not long after that (The next day lol) we leave for Miami! We'd be arriving to Miami 12.12.12 .. So Hopefully during the Trip my Friend Yenny can let me borrow her Computer to Blog and keep you guys posted! Hope you Have a wonderful Week! Happy Monday!

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