martes, 18 de diciembre de 2012

Christmas is Approaching...

Christmas is right around the corner!
I love Christmas and luckily it is less than a week away. Decorating and getting ready for this big holiday is always lots of fun.
A photo of us last Christmas Day in NYC. We had a great time and the whole city was decorated with tons of lights and ornaments. Wish we could spend Christmas there this year again...maybe next year!
I think decorating is one of the funnest parts about Christmas. I like seeing houses decked out with lights and inflatables. I found a website that has easy and cute craft ideas for kids for this holiday season!
Hang old toys as ornaments for your Christmas tree. I had never thought of it prior to visiting the web site but I think it's a really cute and creative idea. It'll give your tree a 'Classic Christmas' feel.
Holiday card pin-up wreath. A great fun way to display all of your holiday cards.
Home made snow globes! I really love this idea, you can make your own snow globes. Get some water, glitter, figurines, and let your imagination run free!
Have fun!

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