lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2012

Our Family Tradition "The Crazy Secret Santa"

For many years now my Family has practice a really fun and different Tradition which we call "The Crazy Secret Santa" .. Its just like a normal Secret Santa but DIFFERENT! Funny!

Its really Easy ..

1st Step: Set The date for the Family Gathering and Game to be Played

2nd Step: Buy a Gift .. Random! Its could be either something for a Girl, a Guy or Unisex .. Wont require little papers (For now!) So you wont actually know who will get your gift 'til the actual day of the Secret Santa

3rd Step: Once the day arrives and everyone is gathered count the number of participants and write down in Little pieces of Paper. For example: If 20 people are playing the game, then there should be 20 single cut out papers numbered from 1 to 20

4th Step: Fold the papers and then make everyone pick one out!

5th Step: The person with the Paper with the #1 on it will then go to the Table where all the presents are set and pick one! He or She must keep it .. Regardless of their opinion about it .. LOL .. Maybe you LOVE IT .. But trust me .. DON'T GET ATTACHED .. Because then ..

6th Step: The person with the Paper with the #2 will do the same thing ..Pick out a Gift from the Table but if he likes yours he can exchange it with the person with the Paper with the #1 and so on!

7th Step: This means that whoever gets #20 .. will be able to see all 20 Gifts unwrapped and Pick the one She or He prefers .. Hope you Try this sometime! Doesn't even have to be on Christmas

We are dong it tonight!!

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