sábado, 1 de diciembre de 2012


Ten days to Go .. 

Caracas (Venezuela), San Juan de Puerto Rico and Miami, Florida!

We are so Excited! I Renewed my Visa and Javi got it for the first time this year! So now Traveling mode is: ON! When we got married we didn't have a Honeymoon due othe Fact that we were in the middle of a School year (And as a Teacher I can't afford to leave my kiddos alone or with a sub!) So last year we had the opportunity to go to Panama which was amazing we stayed at "The Panama Hotel" (We Loved it by the way .. Our room was HUGE!)

We considered that our 1st HALF of the Honeymoon .. And now this would be the 2nd HALF! Anyways just wanted to express the excitement, joy and blessings! Javi's First time in the States I know he'll Enjoy it! Probably even more than me! (Since I'm a Former Miami resident) ..

Hello December!

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