jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2012

The big "B" ..

I will begin with this ..

This week has been hectic for these two Bloggers .. Luci has been so Full with school work and I have been packed as well with HOMEWORK BOMBING (There's no other name for this madness) and since school starts in a Few days I've also been getting (or at least trying to get) my classroom done (You will get a post this weekend on all the Fun crafting that has been going on in Mrs.S classroom)! On top of having my hands-full with well .. LIFE, I just can't seem to get the big "B" word out of my Head! These last months have been probably filled with MILLIONS and millions of Baby thoughts! I though that once I  got started school and work I wouldn't have time for these THOUGHTS! Don't get me wrong I LOVE THE IDEA OF HAVING A BABY .. But it's so scary to me, because it has become such a huge CRAVING TO ME it worries me! I guess what I'm saying is that letting it out is relieving and comforting .. God's plans are PERFECT and I'm sure that many of you can understand me when I say I'M STILL A HUMAN and on top of that I'm a women! I've been very sentimental and can't seem to get this out of my Head .. SO I WILL ADMIT THIS: I WANT TO BE A MOTHER, I WANT TO HAVE A BABY! I believe that God is involved in everything even in your thoughts .. So I'm sure I'll get this resolved .. in the mean time my plans are to enjoy life! I feel so rich! I have and amazing Family, husband, work, home everything .. And I will NOT ALLOW anything to overshadow how amazing God has been to me! I'm in LOVE with Life, MY LIFE! I'm Blessed! So my point is that 'til I get that miracle I wont let myself worry or be sad about it anymore! I WILL JUST enjoy! I Hope that when you read this it makes you feel as well as it made me feel while writing it!

God Bless & Good night!

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