miércoles, 26 de septiembre de 2012

A little but very BIG update!

So this is what went on last week! Full but managing! Updating you on the latest things that have been going on in my life! ♥ will try to Blog more frequently!

Friday (Sept.21) Apple party with my Castillito (Little Castle) Kiddos! Thank you for an amazing 1st week little Apples of mine 

Saturday (Sept.22) Nai's Birthday Dinner @Parrillada Familiar with the whole FAM! The people at the Restaurant had to put like 5 or 6 tables together!

Sunday (Sept.23) "Patricia's Baby Shower & Father in-laws Birthday" So this day I got dressed and like a little kid was the First to arrive at the cutest event ever to find out Patricia was giving birth! Samantha wanted to come out! God Bless my dear friend and her family!


After the Baby Shower we went to Fala's (In law) Birthday! We had a yummy cake with a Coffee theme! (He loves Coffee)

Monday (Sept.24) - 35 Months dating My husband (eternal Boyfriend) Javi ♥ He made me a very awesome picnic Dinner (un our rug)!! Most romantic thing ever! I LOVE YOU!
Thank you Babe .. You always make me feel special!

To sum up these very Busy days I want to THANK GOD .. Because he makes me feel Blessed every single day! I am so so so grateful for my Family, Friends, work, and even school! I'm blessed all around! I want to invite you to enjoy life and BE HAPPY .. It's a choice!

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