domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2012

Miss S' Classroom!

So this week I've been very Busy but actually got a lot done! On Monday (Sept.17) tomorrow School begins and my Apple Themed Classroom is all ready for the most special and Welcoming 1st day of School! I Know appled themed Classrooms are very Cliche but I think I did an awesome job making something as common as Apples DIFFERENT!

Here's How my Classroom was Last School year (2011-2012) the Theme was "Sweet Bugs": (And just in case you don't notice ITS PRETTY OBVIOUS I Love Trees) I had a pink tree last year with multicolored leaves!!

And this is this year .. (I change it every year) I had an Apple Tree .. Brown with Yellow, Red, Neon Green and Apple Green leaves:

Here are some Crafting that Happened during this week:

This is a Favorite .. My Window wall sorrounding Apple Tree .. Oh yeah! I have a couch in the classroom which I think is super practical and extremely useful too!
Inspirations: Basic Tree and White and Green Tree

This is the Frame Filled wall .. I spray painted the yellow frames. The green and red ones are covered with fake tinted leather I found in the fabric store! Super Fun!

Here are 2 very cute Crafts some 1st day of School favors (on the left) made with painted Toilet paper rolls (How cool is that?) and Our classrooms' Felt Photobooth (on the right) in Spanish of course "My first day of Class" (Makes more since in Español)
Inspirations for Favors: Dotted Toilet Roll Box and Kids Playroom wall and for the Class' Photo-booth 1st day of School Booth and Carnival Photo Box

And last but not least one of my most recent obsessions a wreath .. Apple Themed of course!

And here's Miss S! (Me, lol) Just 1 day away from what I know will be an amazing and very FUN school year! By the way I adore this PURPLE maxi dress my cousin Angelica got for me from her trip to Panama!

Hope you liked this Post .. I was pretty excited to blog about my Classroom and had been holding it up for this day! Enjoy the few hours left of the weekend and Have an amazing rest of the week! Can't believe how fast Time Flies!!

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