sábado, 15 de septiembre de 2012

Crafty Ideas

So it's no secret that I'm not the most creative person out there but I loved this blog, The 36th Avenue, the moment I stumbled upon it! It's such a fun blog full of crafty ideas for any occasion.
Here is the link for the blog but more specifically for: '25 Handmade Gifts'.
This picture below shows what you can do with spare earrings, make them into cute bookmarks! There's always that one earring that you can't find resulting in a broken pair and you don't know what to do...throw the surviving earring away or keep it? and you always tend to keep it. Now you know what you can do with that lonely earring.

Another great example is the one you'll find below. I love candles, so I thought this idea was great. I really like when candles have prints or phrases on them because it gives them a unique and personalized look.


 Hopefully you guys will get creative, I'll definitely try to do so. :)

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