viernes, 24 de agosto de 2012

The First Entry Dilemma!

Welcome to Life’s a Sweet Serendipity!

So first of all I must explain how difficult it was for us to actually figure out what we wanted to write as our first Blog Entry! BUT HERE IT IS! Finally after about a week of thinking we came up with this! Up next you will get to Learn About me (Sirane) & Luciana! And how this Blog came to be! Hopefully you Enjoy this as much as we will! FYI we Blog from South America (Venezuela) SIRANE and North America (USA) LUCI so this will be Interesting!

Who's Sirane?

I’m Sirane, but you can call me Sira. I’m a 21 year old Venezuelan (So at times I'll start writing in Spanish) Teacher who loves all things Creative! I Love innovating and I strive to be as unique as possible! I married my Best Friend and Partner in Crime Javier (which you will very often read about in the Blog as Jav or Javi) We started dating on October,24th, 2009, he proposed on November 27th of the next year and Finally MARCH 5th 2011 WE GOT MARRIED! I became Mrs.Gonzalez on the most wonderful and dreamy day of my life! I’m a faithful believer in God and we’ve been praying for a Little Miracle for some time now! So stay tuned!

I am a very Family oriented person. I have the most AMAZING parents & the cutest and most precocious Little Sister in the world Silvana! I ♥ my Family! Among many of my hobbies are: Pinteresting, Photography, Crafting, decorating & of course making a very Fun and memorable School year for my pretty awesome 3 year olds! Up next some very FUN yet documenting Pictures! Just to add my BFF’s are Paola & Bibiana! And I must include Angelica my cousin (more like a Sister!) P.S: I Love quotes!

Why am I blogging and what Will I blog about?

I’ve been wanting to Blog for some time now! I very often find myself Inspired when stumbling to some very AWESOME blogs like The Busy Budgeting mama,The Rockstar Diaries and The daybook! Blogging is Fun everyone should do it! I’m a very eclectic person so I will most probably blog about anything and everything from: Personal style, stuff that's FUN like DIY projects, Parties, Photography, Family, Baby Craving and just anything that catches my eye. I’m a Teacher so I might also Blog about my kiddos on occasions!

How can you leave feedback?

EASY! Just click on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email and Feed buttons and Follow us through any social networking page you want! Perhaps all of them : )

How did we meet? And Why are we Blogging Together?

We went to school together, barely spoke to each other but Facebook linked us again! And here we are as I call it instead of pen pals “Blog Buddies”. Besides we were both crazy for Blogging! Now I'll leave you to Luci ...

Who's Luciana?

I’m Luciana, you can call me Lu or Luci. I’m a Junior at Florida International University. I actually love school and would be a professional student if I could! I haven’t decided on a career just yet but I do love foreign languages. I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, and a bit of French. I have been married since October of 2011, we are about to go to Jamaica to celebrate our one year anniversary. Our wedding was awesome; you’ll be seeing and reading about it soon. We love to travel and hope to continue traveling for a very long time. I have a 17 year old sister and a dog, Becky, who is much more than just a dog to our family! I love pictures so everywhere I go I take my camera. I will be posting pictures on a weekly basis to share everything that is going on in my life and things that I find interesting.


Why am I blogging?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about writing a blog but didn't really know what I would write about. I read a couple of blogs that caught my attention and thought that I could blog about things such as wedding ideas, careers, traveling, and cute pictures of Becky (my dog) of course!

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  1. so nice to "meet" both of you!! congrats on you first blog entry!! how exciting. :)

  2. Good luck in your new venture. Blogging can be such a rewarding experience! The first post is sometimes the hardest. Enjoy the ride ladies! I am part of a blogging duo too and I must say it is so wonderful to share the load!

  3. Thank you both for the amazing feed back! This is super exciting! IT was pretty hard but Fun .. Plus on the way me and Luci get to know each other a bit more!


  4. Welcome to blog land. I too am a huge fan of The Busy Budgetting Mama :) Have fun with blogging!

  5. Thank you so much Cheryl! We are super excited about this! THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!