domingo, 26 de agosto de 2012

NEON at noon plus someone Cute!

Happy Domingo! (Sunday)

Today my Post is all about 2 amazing trends I’m really enjoying at the moment! Neon Colors & any combination with Gray! I LOVE EVERYTHING BRIGHT so this most definitely suits me! Here’s how I spend yesterdays afternoon with My Twin In-laws Marinalda & Marianela!

These are some Pictures that I found on Pinterest that really inspired me!

Steps to a very BRIGHT mani:
1.  Apply a Base coat (I never skip this step, it keeps your nails clean and Unstained) We used Santee’s Pink Slippers

2. Select The Colors you’ll be applying and a Design. We had food to make and babies to take care of (Ages: 3, 2 and months) so we just picked different colors instead of a complicated design!

·   Marinalda: Bardot Crazy Edition #11 &#13 (Turquoise and Purple)
·   Marianela: Bardot Crazy #12 (Neon Green) and Santee’s Green
·   Me (Sirane): Bardot Crazy #11 (Turquoise) and Santee’s PerfectSilver

3. Apply 2 thin coats of each color

4.  Move on to cleaning around the nails for messiness with a toothpick wrapped with a little bit of cotton and I highly recommend Rolda’s Digi Nails - Nail polish Remover (I Love that it doesn’t dry the skin and its specifically for Dark or bright colors)

5. For the Last and what I believe to be the MOST IMPORTANT step Seal the color with 1 coat of Valmy’s Bright Clear Protective Sealer for us Girls who work around the House it’ll help the mani to Dry faster and last longer!

Have Fun and please send pictures of any Fun nails to us for further posts! I’ll leave you with some Photographs of our very NEON afternoon!

And last but not least ..

Just wanted to add this cute Post I found this morning on Pinterest because coincidentally my Husband did this last week to our Little Nephew Angel! Poor thing! He made us Laugh .. WHAT A CUTIE! Right?

I Love you Javi ♥ 

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