miércoles, 29 de agosto de 2012

I ♥ [Heart] Vintage-ish Things

So .. About a year ago I found this cute little website that has cute little pictures of almost anything cute! (Sorry for the excessive use of the word “cute”) It just is!

What I love the most about www.weheartit.com is that most of the pictures have a Vintage-ish feel to them! And I LOVE anything Vintage! So I Liked this website so much I’m adding a Social Icon to the TOP of our Blog right below the header (where the rest of the Social Icons appear). Like this one!

So you can check out and Follow the things “I HEART” and maybe register to the page and “HEART” things of your own! It’s actually very Fun because instead of Boards (like Pinterest) you can make Sets which is very similar!

Here are some HEARTS of mine:

And I'll Leave you now with this Quote .. JUST LIVE!

And this Video..
I just like it ..What can I say?

 Song: New Soul
Singer: Yael Naim

Hope you Enjoy!

To go to WEHEARTIT click here

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