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Weekly Bump Update: 15th & 16th weeks

Hey everyone! Been a whole bunch of Busy so I haven't been able to Post but here's an in between mini Bump shoot of weeks #15 and #16!

A girl? Or a Boy? What will it be!

These past weeks have been filled with so many exciting News .. Baby is growing normally and Mommy hasn't been gaining any weight! Let’s not JINX that! Any how .. Besides awesome baby news we had many Birthday Celebrations and other Type of Celebrations that are IMPORTANT and must be mentioned!

¿Baby Size? For week 15 Baby G was the size of an Apple he or she measured about 4 inches (10.2 cm) long and weights about 1.75 ounces (50 g). The speed of Baby’s growth over the next few months will be picking up! Baby is growing so FAST! Moving on .. For week 16 which I am currently on (‘til Tuesday of next week) Baby is about the size of and Avocado (which I LOVE!!) that's 4.3 to 4.7 inches (10.9 to 11.9 cm) long from Crown to rump and its weight is at about 2.7 ounces (78 g). I have a feeling this Baby will be the size of DADDY! (Our Daddy is HUGE! Big Big Big Big Daddy!)

What I researched lately: I was truly confused about how you divide the 40 weeks into the 9 months so each time I was asked how many months are you? I’d answer I’m ___ weeks! YEAH WEEKS! Know I've learned (Got a cute magazine of all things Baby from one of Javi’s aunts) that I’m 4 months and something .. STILL CLOUDY! LOL! Besides that I've read that I might start to feel Baby G’s movements at any point from now! I've been sitting very still and tried to feel anything .. Doctor says he or she is a mover because each time we get an Ultrasound its goes all over the place and makes very sudden movements but maybe since It’s my first Pregnancy it might take a little longer than if it would be my second or third belly!

Fun Baby facts for week #15: 
  • My heart is working overtime to supply Baby G’ with Oxygen. It’s pumping about 20% more than it was before Pregnancy. (Love this connection!)
  • As my abdomen increases its size, I might find that it grows harder, that happens so I can find a comfortable sleeping position (Not Happened yet! Having a hard time to sleep at night .. Can’t imagine when the Bump actually kicks in full gear)
  • Baby’s skeletal and muscular systems continue to develop as he or she slowly becomes more active.
  • His or Her bones are becoming harder and retaining calcium

Fun Baby facts for week #16: 
  • Baby’s muscles are now developing to the point that he or she can hold its head erect
  • It’s facial muscles can display a variety of expressions now! (How adorable!)
  • Baby’s nails are well formed
  • Depending on the Baby’s position Doctor might be able to determine my baby’s sex on an Ultrasound Scan.

Symptoms: So the first Trimester for me was good no Nausea just some Back pain which I was told was normal .. But since I've entered Trimester #2 I've been .. How can I put this and not gross everyone out .. mmm .. I haven’t been retaining much of what I eat which is making it even harder for me to choose meals that are not only healthy but filling! I can control it at times with anything citrus like Oranges, Tangerines and fruits like that, but it’s been tough I have to admit! I got sick this past week (Fevers and all) So I went for a quick Doctors check up which consisted Basically of Blood-work and some of my levels were a little low so Doctor said I had to start eating better and exploring different food plates to see what I can eat and actually keep inside me!

I had my Ultrasound and Doctors appointment on March 4th, 2013. This was an eventful day I went to get my US with 5 other family members.. Doctor always says I fill the clinic when I go to get my Belly scanned! Daddy came (wouldn't miss it!) Grandpa Rey and Auntie Silvana joined as well as cousin Mau .. But the most exciting visit was from Auntie Angelica! She came in with me and I know she is enjoying this Belly as much as me! Such a sweet moment when we heard Baby’s heart together .. We bonded it was a GOOD DAY! Above is Baby G’s snapshot that day!

Next Doctors Appointment: is Set for April, 4th, 2013

Next Ultrasound Appointment: as well as my next scan is set for 04.04.13, but since the next Doctor’s appointment is in the morning I might get it the day before! April 3rd, 2013! (Doctor was pretty insisting on finding out Baby's gender that day! .. I'll pray for this to actually happen)

Important events or Situations this past weeks: Auntie Angelica turned 21! (March 5th) my Intentions on taking her to the scan the day before was to give to her as a Birthday present to be the only one (even counting me out) to know Baby G’s gender, but baby was shy (I think due to the fact that there were 5 other people besides me and the Doctor inside the Ultrasound room) He or She had its arms crossed behind its neck and legs very tightly shut (Just like Daddy watches TV!!) Que fresca(o)! Sorry I couldn't give you that Birthday present nena! .. But now the deal is off! It expired that same day! : D .. March 5th was also the day me and Daddy Javi were celebrating our 2 year anniversary! So glad to be with such a loving and caring man! So responsible and Family oriented! Thank you very much Mr.Gonzalez for filling  my Life with such immeasurable JOY and Happiness! And yeah .. Out of respect I will add that Venezuela’s President passed away on this day too and that’s as far as my comment will go wishing his Family is well and in peace! (NOTE: Politics is such a BAD subject to talk about people always argue! My opinion!)

So it’s FRIDAY! YEA!!!!
Thank GOD! I need some rest .. Had 2 Truly exhausting weeks!
Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

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  1. I want to go april 3rd pretty please!!!! i most know if it's a girl or a boy !!!!!! I cant take this anymore!! Lol love ya!!and love this week update !!