jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2012

We give Thanks ..

I have so much to be Thankful for. One day a year hardly seems adequate ♥

BE THANKFUL PEOPLE! Be Thankful! Te amo Javier David Gonzalez Fernandez .. I'm so Thankful for you because in you I have it all: A Best Friend, Husband, Lover and most of all soulmate .. I LOVE and will always be Thankful for my mom Diaxne Carolina Montilla Rivas & dad Reynier Rivas (Yeah I'm a mommy's and daddy's girl) and of course I'm so Thankful for my little Sister Silvana Camila Rivas Montilla we fight and sometimes shes a pain (or I am) but we love each other SO MUCH .. that's what sisters do right? ♥ I Love all of my Family .. Abuelos, Abuelas .. Tias, Tios, Cousins, Inlaws, Sisters in Law everyone! Our Families are amazing an Unique! WE LOVE AND ARE LOVED ans Thats enough for The Gonzalez-Rivas FAMILY! Hopefully this year we Grow!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone .. DON'T FORGET: BE THANKFUL!

Note: Off to Jamaica Luciana Resino and Eduardo Bosch! Have Fun!!!! 

R.I.P Tio Fernandito ♥ We will always keep you in our hearts!
You will be remembered as the selfless and kind person you were!
Yesterday we gained another angel - Sira & Jav

Above all Today ..


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