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Someday when God Blesses us with Baby Gonzalez ♥ "Still waiting Edition"

In the Future (Near or Far) once I'm pregnant and Have a Baby ..
I'll either do these For him/her or I'll share the experience with Little Baby Gonzalez and Daddy Javi!

(Most of these I've Pinned in Life's a Sweet Serendipity's Pinterest Account)

1. I'd Like to be Very Creative with the way I announce my Pregnancy to Javi: Here's this link to Baby Zone and their "25 Most Creative ways to Announce Pregnancy” I'm in Love with Idea #6 It's all your fault. The thought Of the Look on Javi's Face as he reads the Card or Letter would be Priceless to Document (I’m a Camera Junkie)

2. I'm Pretty sure I'll do this --> "Tracking pregnancy Bump and Baby's Growth with a Chalkboard" Like Mommy McKinli from "Mommy's Little Sunshine" (Her blog is Adorable By the way!)

3. This is something IDK if I'll have time to do since it looks a little bit Complicated. In addition I don't know where I'd get this hard cover Book printed here in Venezuela .. But I totally Fell in Love with the Idea of Having a "BABY BOOK" for Baby Gonzalez to Look at and read once he/she is old enough! Here's where I got the Idea from "Mama Mia's Maternity Book" Johanna McShan is an awesome Photographer .. She does pregnancy, newborn, baby, children, Family and all Types of Maternity Shoots!

4. To celebrate Baby Gonzalez I'd Love to Have a Baby Shower Bash, a Baby Gender Reveal Party and a Beer and Diaper Party for Javi! (My mom says it's way too MUCH but I'll help you .. She'd LOVE this I'm sure)

I Adore This Gender Reveal Party From "Hostess with the Mostess" & ..
This Invite Idea for a Beer and Diaper Party brought to you by Emma Neely from "Chictacular"
+ @Naptime Procutions gives Fun Ideas for a Daddy Shower

5. Nursery Design .. I've seen so many adorable Nursery Ideas that I can't choose right Now! I just Hope his/her Bedroom is Filled with Small but Rich Family Details. NOTE: I will Absolutely do the Name on the wall!

I have so many Ideas for Baby Gonzalez that I might make this a Regular post Subject for our Blog!

Hope you Enjoy this Post ..
I sure Loved Searching for these cute and Fun IDEAS!

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