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Party Planning .. BE CREATIVE!

I Love when people are creative (and cool!) enough to not Plan the "Typical Theme Parties" .. Don't get me wrong .. It's not that I hate them .. But I'd much rather like to be remembered for my CREATIVE AND UNIQUE party and event Planning .. I'd prefer to be Memorable that way! So in that train of thought I though I would show you some of my Favorite Party Ideas and the right occasions to Plan these Theme Parties!

These are some of my Favorite Party Theme IDEAS from:
 Catch my Party and other amazing websites .. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this "Mustache and Bow Tie Theme Party" And if you change the color palette you can even add Bows (Hair Bows for Girls) and Have an adorable Twin Birthday Party Theme (Bows for the girly Birthday girl and Mustaches for the very manly Birthday Boy)

What about "Carnival Theme Parties" Like this one' .. in the Traditional Red, Yellow, Blue and Stripes PATTERNS!

And Maybe to change it up look at this Adorable Carnival Party or as it's Officially Titled "Vintage Circus Birthday Party" Planned by the amazing Natalie Lesnefsky from "The Busy Budgeting Mama Blog" for her Two Adorable Daughters Sophie(4) and Sienna(2). Looks super Sweet in a pastels color scheme .. Don't you Agree?

Another adorable Theme involves an adorable little Bug! "Lady Bug Theme Parties" are Lovely and you can Play with the Colors .. Perhaps the Classic Red and Back Lady Bug with White touches or a Pink more Light color palette! (1st year to 6th year Birthday Party and even for Baby Showers Like My Friend Patricia's Baby Shower) Note: She was giving Birth while the Shower occurred!

1st year all the way to 10th (unless you Play with the Color Scheme you can maybe use this theme all the way to a Sweet 16th Birthday Bash) year Birthday Party "Peacock Theme"

And last but not Least I couldn't resist ..
I had to post a Christmas Party Idea for kids!

And Of course every Party should Have a Photo-booth in Fact I'll add this in my MUST-HAVE list for Party Planning!

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