domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012



First Things FIRST!
We got our MOVIE tickets already!
(For Breaking Dawn Part II .. DUHHH!)
Since we live in Venezuela the actual release date here is the 16th!
I'm relieved and super ecstatic!

We got Vampire Teeth Gummies just because we LOVE gummies and the THEME too .. I'm Counting down the days 'til the premier of "Breaking Dawn"!
CAN'T WAIT! Here are some pictures .. FANGS and all OF OUR Ggmmie moments!

Yes, you may LAUGH!
We have Crazy people faces ..
+ I'm wearing one of Javi's Shirts .. CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY!

Besides the funny collage ..

I'm adding these videos .. Love the ideas for my Makeup that Day!
Going VAMP-ALL-THE-WAY! Our Shirts are in the oven (Getting them on Thursday - Nov.8th)!

And I might even get contacts .. But I really have to think this through since I already use clear contacts with prescription! I'm not BLIND, I think I can manage FOR ONE DAY! BUT .. I don't want to miss any scene from the movie due to my sight! lol .. I'll figure this out!

Jane's makeup .. But maybe If I soften it I'll look more like Alice!
She is who I'm dressing up as!

and Edward's makeup ..
(Even though I don't think Javi (My Husband) will agree to this or anything remotely close)

Hope this helps you If you're gearing up for that exciting day too!
"Twilight PREMIER here we come!"

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  1. jajajajaja no me uno a la euforia pero espero ver tus fotos el día del estreno ;) sera divertido!

  2. Muy divertido Fabi! Ya no aguanto la esperaaaaaaa!!! Ya veras!