martes, 8 de enero de 2013

What I Want in 2013...

I can't help myself. I save a lot and I am money conscious but I do manage to somehow end up at the mall almost every weekend. So here are a few things that I hope to purchase this year:

Canon Ti3. I have always wanted a professional camera and I think that this year I will finally purchase one! I really enjoy taking photos, specially during my trips.
Sony Vaio E14 Series (Pink). I was about to buy it last month when it seemed that my laptop was dying. It survived and I had to cancel my order. But I might just get it soon enough!
Besides material items, I really want to see snow this year. It's been years since the last time I've been in NYC when it was snowing and Eduardo has never seen it. So, I am hoping to go to NYC in December and let's pray it snows just like it did in 2012.
Something else that is a top priority in my list for this year is to continue practicing French. I actually studied French in middle school and high school but haven't practiced in a very long time.
And lastly...I hope to continue traveling. Possibly Washington D.C., Boston, Louisiana, or outside of the U.S.

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  1. You missed one big wish... And it's the first one that became true! Congrats girl!

  2. Well that wish came true for Sirane! hehe :) I wrote the entry, Luciana.