miércoles, 23 de enero de 2013

First Family Shoot "The Bump"

.. ok ok! Mini Bump! You can't really Expect much, I'm only 9 weeks Pregnant! 
But I must say a lot of Family and Friends and even the Doctor said the Bump might be big! 
I promised a Photoshoot and .. Here it is!

Pictures taken By Yadira Parra ..
Our Photographer since March 5th 2011 (Our wedding Day!)

This is not how I'm Officially starting "The weekly Baby Bump Picture".. I want to get some things done and waiting for some other things to Begin!
I'm starting that from week #12, but didn't want to let the opportunity pass!
9 weeks down - 31 to go! 

Grandmothers and Grandfathers Joined the Fun shoot!
Oh! And let's not forget Auntie Silvana!

I had the BEST time ever! It was a very Joyful and Fun experience! Everybody enjoyed themselves! I was more than Happy! THRILLED!

This Happened on Saturday, January 19th 2013 .. The shoot began at about 4pm ..
And we got a Little Carried away and went right in the night!

Each day I get more excited and I've been trying to ENJOY and really take in everything that's happening to us! We are all SMILES & GIGGLES!

Oh Baby Gonzalez! Me & your daddy trully LOVE each other and already Love YOUU!
We are anxiously waiting for your arrival .. And getting the House and everything ready!
Grandparents Rivas (My Parents) Are going Shopping to the U.S for all of your stuff on May! (They got the Tickets already, they're also SUPER excited!)

I LOVE YOU BABY G! And I will Document every Step of the way, so once you grow up you can see HOW BIG .. I MEAN HUGE our Love for you is! Right from the BEGGINING!

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