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Mia's Birth Story ♥

Mia Isabelle Gonzalez Rivas 
Born: Wednesday, August 14th, 2013
11:20 am - Maracaibo, Zulia (Venezuela)
49 cm - 2,985 k

You can tell Mia's a Happy Baby!
She's constantly Smiling!

Our Birth story:
I had my last Doctor's appointment on Tuesday (13-08-13) It was the day I went in to confirm my C-section was going to happen on Friday, BUT we actually had a slight change of Plans (God's ways are truly amazing by the way) Doctor checked me and then he broke the news to us (I was accompanied by my dad, cousin and Husband) "You're going to be induced TOMORROW and we will try natural birth, if that doesn't work i'll perform the c-section" .. That's when my eyes popped out and we all yelled WHAAAAT!

I was filled with emotions, I felt joy because I knew I was even closer than I thought of meeting my little Princess Mia We asked the Doctor over and over again "are you sure?" We just couldn't believe it! At that point (6:30 pm) we started to run and getting ready for what was going to be one of the best days of my life! I went to get my hair and nails done very quickly .. Then ran home to prep my Hospital Bag & Mia's Diaper Bag, I finished at about 1:20 am

We were at the clinic the next day at 6:22 am (We barely slept because of the excitement) I got admitted at about 7:15 am after handling all the paperwork. That's when my labor process began .. Nurses were amazing and treated me super nice! My Doctor came in not long after and at about 8:00 I started to feel my first contractions, I thought that they were because of the Meds they used to induce labor .. at about 10:20 am my Doc noticed that the meds they gave me were just vitamins .. at that point we found out my labor started all by itself, and that I had dilated 5 cm without any meds to induce labor

Without a doubt Wednesday was the day Mia was coming! God works in the most amazing ways! At about 10:30 am I got "THE MEDS" (The ones to induce labor of course, THE REAL ONES!) And at 11 am I was fully dilated and contracting like crazy! The shooting pain during every contraction was overwhelming words can't even begin to explain, I even almost started to cry! At 11:05 I got my epidural and not to many pushes after Mia was Born at exactly 11:20 am! Doctor asked if I wanted to carry her and I responded a BIG BIG YESSS!!

He layed her over my bare chest and that's when it hit me .. Even though I wasn't alone in the room with my Baby girl that moment then and there had turned into the most intimate memory ever! I felt her warm tiny body and that's when I realized "I'M A MOMMY!!!" I began to shed some tears and didn't want to let her go, but she had to get cleaned up to meet Daddy, so they took her away! My heart was tiny I really didn't want to let her go!
I got stitches and at about 12:30 I was in the Recovery room! I got many congratulations from several Doctors and Nurses because I had concored NATURAL BIRTH! I felt brave and empowered! God blessed me and Javi that day with so much patience and strength, but most of all with a Beautiful Healthy Baby girl!
Mia was born with a circular (umbilical cord around her neck) but Doctor had no problem removing it .. there were no complications during the whole pregnancy and labor just a bunch of BLESSINGS!!
Our stay at the hospital that day was pleasant! We had so much family come in to meet Mia .. and most family members and close friends got "MIA SHIRTS" done you can see in the pictures! Over 25 shirts!!!!!!

It was a very happy day .. no words can truly describe how we both felt that day .. we can say we fell IN LOVE all over again not only with our baby girl but also with each other! Javi was amazing throughout my pregnancy and specially on that day! He has always been caring and loving to me .. now to our little Princess!

The Happy Daddy!

I have to add words from DADDY Javi to our sweet Little Mia: "My beautiful princess, I want to express that the first time I really saw you changed me internally, your face made ​​me a new man and it awoke a sense of huge protection in me, at that exact moment I knew I was going to have a beautiful reason for overcoming anything and I want to be better every day to give you everything you need in your life! I want to help you awake your conscience and I want you to feel proud of your dad. I'd like for you to experience what happened to me. I want you to have children and I want you to be as good or better as my parents were to me and taught me (your grandparents). I want to be pleasing but correct, I want to be fun but I also want to teach you in order that you someday you know the truths of the kingdom that God gave you and delivered you to, so that you can be whatever you wanna be in your life without a hassle! I want to share two biblical phrases which always were crucial to form me as a living person in this beautiful kingdom here on earth: 1) I can do all this through him who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13) 2) The man is what he thinks it is. The limit is in your mind, and in this life you can get where you want because God is in your favor and will always help you .. I love you with all my heart. Love, Dad: Jav'D"
We both got discharged the next day at about noon! We happily went home and that's when the fun began! But that's a whole new story which i'll be sharing soon!

Sweet Baby Mia in her "Going Home outfit" with Mommy!

Mia's Grandparents and Aunties couldn't wait to take her Home!

I can't finish up without also have mentioning the people that during this experience were next to me all the way! My mom, dad and little Sister who were upgraded to "GRANDPARENTS and AUNT" not only were they beside me at all times, they were also the best support system anyone could have! I love you guys so much! You filled me with love and Mia felt it through me! We are so grateful to God for you.

Family Love!

Shout out to my in laws and sisters in law .. Who were also with us along this wonderful ride and their support and advise will help us during this new step in our lives! To my cousin/more like a sister Angelica and my childhood friend Yoanka I'd like to give special thanks I love you girls and hope to have you in our lives forever!

To end this in the cutest way here are some adorable outfits I've put Mia in!

Mia's First Sun Bath and Bath Time! And then ..
Cozy time in her Crib!

Sweet Baby Mia in one of her many animal print Outfits!

To finish up all I can add is that she's our new obsession! Me and Javi are so Grateful and we'll dedicate this AMAZING, HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL to our Lord! Because he granted us one of the most deep, loving and enriching experiences in our Lives! To be Parents! 

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